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Geothermal Heating Systems: The Right Choice for Your Home?

Are geothermal heating systems a good option for your home? Let's explore the benefits and drawbacks.

Looking for more affordable ways to heat the home is something that many people struggle with.  But you’re going to find that it’s something that you don’t have to worry about with so many methods out there.  The ways to heat your home affordably are usually right under your nose, it’s just a matter of finding them and seeing which seem the most viable for your home as well.  You’ll find that there are plenty of great options out there, one of which being geothermal heating.

This is a really cool method of literally pulling heat out of the ground, and bringing that energy into your home, so that you can warm the entire property.  This is a great concept, that actually works quite well.  Plus it’s much cheaper than having to use gas or something of the like for a forced air system, which is not very sustainable.  Of course, whether or not geothermal heating may be the right choice for you depends on a few factors, and you want to be sure that you really understand everything involved here:

How geothermal heating works

This is the first problem that you have to get around to see if this is a good method for you.  You’ll find that understanding just how this type of heating works is the first important part to making sure that it’s the right choice for your home.  Basically this is a forced water system that’s all about running water through the ground to heat it up and then throughout your home to transfer the heat.

Literally this works by installing the geothermal heating unit adjacent to your home.  Then the pipes reach quite far into the ground and will also be run throughout the home typically.  They are usually installed under floorboards and the like so that you’re able to keep them totally warm in the winter time.  Then the system runs pipes throughout the ground and the geothermal heating pockets, so that it can naturally gain heat energy, which will then be transferred to your home where it can be used to heat the entire house as well.

How effective are these systems?

Well in most cases these are guaranteed to save you up to 75% of the heating bills that you would normally have to pay.  That’s enough to offset the cost of installing them in just a few years, and you’re going to find that it’s a great way to make a huge impact with the negative effects you could be having on the environment.  Of course, with any given type of geothermal heating system you’re also going to find that they have some limitations as well.  They just are not able to heat up an area totally, and they can leave something to be desired when it comes to how well they will heat the residence.

They are also less effective for large residences, as the residual heat energy just does not last that long when passing above the soil.  That means you’ll be able to count on this providing a moderate temperature change, and it’s enough to get through many days of the winter.  But on the really cold ones you’re still going to have to go reaching for a more traditional heating method.

How much do they cost?

You’ll find that these types of geothermal heating units typically are going to set you back a few thousand of course, especially because they require a lot of machinery to really install properly within the ground and everything like that.  This means that you’re going to have to look at them as a long term investment, and you can’t expect to see a massive amount of short term gains for that reason.

Final conclusion

These are actually great ways to both heat and cool your home depending upon the season.  However, what you’re going to find is that it’s a lot of money up front for and impact that you’re not going to notice for some time.  That means you have to be planning on staying in your home for quite some time to really reap the rewards of geothermal heating, and to really see the financial gains that it can have for you.