A discussion of heating vents and covers

Heating Vents

Heating vents, covers, and registers all play a role in effective heat ventilation.

Heating vents are an important addition to any home, and really determine the way a home feels in terms of look as well as environment.  They are for practical use in the way that ventilation controls the climate of your home.  But the vent covers need to match your décor, otherwise they can ruin a room’s visual aesthetic in ways you may not expect.  At any house, in addition to being practical, heating vents need to be appropriately placed and have the right covers to really belong.

Heating vents come in a wide variety of shapes and different styles. Most models tend to be made from metal, so as to stand up to the environmental conditions that any ventilation system requires.  Because you’ll be using large amounts of heated air in the winter, and likely cool air conditioned temperatures in the summer, the vent needs to stand up to that pressure.  Anything that isn’t made of a sturdy metal, isn’t really worth your time or effort.  But before you can outfit your new heating vents, there’s some planning you’ll have to do.

If you’re currently remodeling or building your home, you have the advantage of choosing your heating vent locations yourself.  Choose areas where they won’t garner too much attention, and also where you can expect them to be out of the way of furniture.  If your heating vents have already been installed but you’d like to change the overall feel, you can always try new heating vent covers.  This can really change how a room looks, and the attractiveness of your ventilation units.

First measure the height and width of the heating vents you’d like to change.  Take special note, as this will come in handy when shopping.  Then you’ll want to go to a store that specializes in this sort of thing.  Home outfitters that focus on style are the best choices to keep your options open.  Furniture stores may have a few items, so will hardware stores like Home Depot.  You can also order heating vent supplies online, including grates.  Just pay special attention to the dimensions of anything, before purchasing, so you can ensure that they will fit onto your vent properly.  The price of any accessory depends upon the material and style, a grate can be very expensive, or fairly cheap.

Also be mindful of proper care for your heating vents, as there is a certain level of upkeep you’ll have to extend.  Because air ventilation systems kick around an awful lot of dust, each vent will need to be completely cleaned from time to time.  That means unscrewing the vent cover, so that you can clean out all of the dust and debris that builds up over time.  Usually this is good to do at least once a month to keep the vents nice and clean, for visual attraction as well as health concerns to keep dust from circulating.  Your standard home cleaning products and dusters will be enough to get the job done, in addition to a screwdriver to remove and replace heating vent grates.